Planning a Micro Wedding?

The trend of micro weddings has been on the rise in recent years, and for good reason. These intimate celebrations offer many benefits over a traditional large-scale wedding. In this blog post, I’ll go over the benefits of having a micro wedding and why you might want to consider this route for your day!

1. Intimate and Personalized Experience
A micro wedding allows you to tailor your day to your interests, hobbies, and personalities. You have the freedom to choose a location that is special to you and your partner. This creates a personalized experience that truly reflects who you are as a couple. With a smaller guest list, you’ll also have more time to spend with each of your guests and create special moments that you’ll cherish forever.

2. Cost-effective
Weddings can be so expensive! Having a micro wedding in Colorado can be a cost-effective option. With fewer guests, you can save money on everything from catering to venue rentals to wedding favors. This can free up your budget to invest in other areas, such as fun experiences with your family and guests, or allow you to hire your favorite photographer to document all of your adventures!

3. Stunning Scenery
Colorado’s natural beauty provides a stunning backdrop for your wedding. Whether you choose to have your ceremony in the mountains, near a lake, or in a scenic park, you’ll have breathtaking views that will make your wedding day unforgettable. Plus, Colorado’s changing seasons provide a variety of landscapes to choose from, whether it’s the golden aspen trees in the fall or the snow-capped mountains in the winter.

4. Outdoor Adventure
Colorado is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, and a micro wedding is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all the adventures the state has to offer. You can incorporate activities like hiking, skiing, or rafting into your wedding weekend, creating a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests.

5. Flexibility
Having a micro wedding in Colorado allows for more flexibility in terms of location and date. With a smaller guest list, you can choose a venue or location that may not have been an option for a larger wedding, such as an Airbnb or VRBO with epic mountain views. You can also choose a date that works best for you and your partner, without having to worry about the availability of vendors and venues during peak wedding season. I always recommend weekday dates if possible, as you’ll often have more privacy at popular locations.

6. Eco-Friendly
With a smaller guest list, there is less energy and resources required for transportation, accommodations, food, and other wedding-related activities. This means fewer carbon emissions and less waste, and it shows your commitment to protecting the environment.

In conclusion, a micro wedding in Colorado offers many benefits, from an intimate and personalized experience to stunning scenery and outdoor adventure. It’s a cost-effective and flexible option that allows you to create a unique and unforgettable wedding day. Consider a micro wedding in Colorado for your special day.

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