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Explore Sac and Fox Overlook


Every time I make a trip to Des Moines from Cedar Falls, the Iowa River Valley on US Route 20 always catches my eye. This unique valley is by far the most interesting thing you see on the drive besides the fields of wind turbines. For the longest time, I've wanted to explore the valley, but wasn't sure how to access it. I had tried pulling over a couple times, but could never really get the shots I desired because of the heavy traffic. 

I finally did some research on the area and discovered an overlook spot called Sac and Fox Overlook. Located near Steamboat Rock, IA, Sac and Fox Overlook gives one the opportunity to view the Iowa River Valley at an incredible vantage point. The overlook was the perfect spot to fly my drone and get the images I had been desiring. 

Whether you need a break from a long drive on US Route 20 or want to take in some breathtaking views, definitely check out the Sac and Fox Overlook