Charlotte and Evan’s search for a wedding venue began with a chance of discovery on a backcountry skiing trip a winter ago. As they made their way up the narrow and rocky Tigiwon Road, just outside of Vail, Colorado, they stumbled upon the Tigiwon Community House. This beautiful cabin, nestled six miles up the road with breathtaking views of the Gore Mountain Range, immediately caught their attention.

As soon as Charlotte and Evan saw the Tigiwon Community House, they knew it was the perfect place to host their dream mountain wedding. Fast forward two years later, and they were surrounded by their loved ones and friends, on a beautiful summer day, ready to say “I do” in the most picturesque setting possible.

The Tigiwon Community House provided a true off-grid mountain wedding experience, catering perfectly to Evan and Charlotte’s shared love for the outdoors. Some guests even camped just off the road, embracing the wilderness and the beautiful scenery that surrounded them.

The ceremony was held outside, with the Gore Mountain Range serving as a stunning backdrop for the couple’s special day. The reception was held inside the cabin, where guests were treated to a delicious feast and lively music. It was a beautiful celebration of love and nature, with every detail carefully crafted to reflect the couple’s personalities and values.

Charlotte and Evan’s wedding at the Tigiwon Community House was a true testament to the beauty and magic of nature. It was a celebration of love and the great outdoors, reminding us all to embrace the natural world around us and cherish the moments that matter most. The Tigiwon Community House is truly a hidden gem, and for Charlotte and Evan, it will always hold a special place in their hearts as the backdrop to their unforgettable wedding day.

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