Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement | Jenna + Ross



Shooting elopements in the mountains is a dream of mine! In order to make it happen, I needed to prove my skill and capture a couple in the mountains! Jenna + Ross are close friends of mine and they were looking to get engagement photos done, so they graciously agreed to help me out with a styled elopement shoot as well.

First things first, I needed to find a dress. I have to thank my wife for this one, after searching several thrift and department stores for six hours, we finally found “The Dress” at a Nordstrom Rack. My wife pretty much gave up her entire Saturday to help me find it. I love her! :)

For location, I had to go with one of my favorite places to explore, Rocky Mountain National Park! After securing my photo permit, we set out to trail ridge road, which offers some of the most beautiful views on the planet! Our evening was filled with gorgeous sun rays and fierce wind gusts. The mountains put on a show as usual, and Jenna + Ross looked AMAZING!! After the shoot, I told my wife I could see myself doing this forever! I had that feeling you get when you finally figure out what to do with your career!

If you’re reading this and thinking about eloping, please reach out! I’d love to do it for real! :)

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