Adventures in Utah + Arizona

Hello friends! I just back from a three day trip exploring Utah and Arizona for the first time with my wife, Kate, and in today’s blog post, I wanted to share some highlights and stories we endured along the way.

My aunt and uncle live about an hour from Zion National Park, so this trip was certainly overdue. Planning for this trip, we had high ambitions to see as much as we could. Our goal was to visit three national parks in three days, but the only problem was it was Memorial Day weekend and all the parks were overflowed with people.

Luckily we were still able to hit two of three and many other state parks and local parks throughout our visit. Have to give a shoutout to my Aunt Marlene and Uncle Paul for being such kind hosts and showing us locations that did not come up while researching and planning the trip. My favorite moment of the trip was waking up at 3:30 am with Kate, hiking in the dark by headlamp up to Canyon Overlook and watching the sunrise over the canyon in Zion National Park. Utah and Arizona are both beautiful destinations and we will certainly be back to explore more!

Tommy Zittergruen