Elizabeth and Caleb’s summer elopement at the Wapiti Retreat Airbnb in Walden, Colorado was a day filled with love, breathtaking views, and family. The couple had a special connection to the location as Caleb proposed to Elizabeth on a previous trip to Walden. They loved the peace and tranquility of the location, so they decided to return for their elopement with just their immediate families present.

The ceremony was a beautiful affair with Elizabeth and Caleb exchanging heartfelt vows while surrounded by stunning mountain views. As they entered, Caleb’s dad played the violin, creating a memorable moment. After the ceremony, we hiked up a nearby trail to take in the surrounding mountain views. Although it poured for a brief few minutes, the rain added a romantic vibe to the occasion, making it even more special.

The couple’s personalities shone through the day with the intimate setting and vegan dinner prepared by both families. Elizabeth and Caleb wanted a day that reflected their love for nature and each other, and their day was a perfect representation of this. Their families came together to celebrate their marriage, and the love and support were felt throughout the day.

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